Carpet Cleaning Service Vs Rental Carpet Cleaner

A comparison between professional carpet cleaning service vs rental carpet cleaner

It’s time for an end of lease carpet cleaning, your carpets need a spring clean, or just spot cleaning a spill, and you’re wondering whether to do the carpet cleaning yourself instead of calling a professional carpet cleaning service? Let us shed some light on the pros and cons.
You may be a hands-on person who enjoys taking the effort to make your space sparkle. There are many self-service options available at supermarkets or hardware stores where you can hire a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself. However, it is time-consuming and can be expensive. It’s useful to first do an analysis of the time and costs required so that you can make a better choice about whether to rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire a professional carpet cleaner.
A professional carpet cleaner has years of experience on how to clean specific types of carpets, the exact stain removers that need to be applied on particular stains, and they can give you a sound idea of the achievable results. However, as a first-time carpet cleaner, there are several problems that you can face. A major problem is over-wetting the carpet. This will leave the underlay wet and may damage the floorboards underneath. It also creates dampness, mildew and other problems too. Sometimes choosing an all-purpose stain remover can fail to take the stain out, or even create an adverse effect if left on the carpet for too long. A professional carpet cleaner has the know-how on how much water needs to be used to wash the carpet without damaging it. They will also treat the spots and stains with specific spotters, and lift up the residue by hot water extraction, leaving your carpets cleaned to a professional standard.
Time-wise, steam cleaning a standard 3 bedroom (36 square metres carpeted area) by a professional carpet cleaner will take less than 1 hour. If you are planning to rent a carpet cleaner, it may take around 3 hours to complete the rental process, including picking up and dropping off the machine. The cleaning time for 3 rooms may take 3-4 hours as you have to refill and throw out the wastewater more frequently compared to a professional-grade steam cleaner. If you have over-wetted the carpet, it will take more time to dry out the affected areas and you must do multi-pass vacuuming to extract the extra water. In the end, it may take up to 8 hours or more in total if you decide to rent and do it yourself. Instead, if you hire a professional, they should be in and out with the job done in less than 1 hour.
Cost-wise, as per 2018 prices in Melbourne, Australia, 3 bedrooms (totalling 36 square metres approx.) standard carpet, steam cleaning costs $90 on average, depending on the level of service and which contractor you choose. On the other hand, the approximate cost for renting a small carpet cleaner for 24 hours will be $40 (or $50 for 48 hrs), carpet detergent $13, de-foaming agent for $7, plus extra if you need spot cleaners. Transport fuel cost for picking up and dropping off the carpet cleaner from your nearest rental store might cost you another $5. The total cost for the rental carpet cleaner, detergents and fuel will be approx. $75. If you have spent around 7 hours of your time to rent equipment and get the job done, and if you normally earn a minimum of $15 per hour, you have already spent $105. In total, if you are renting a carpet cleaner machine and doing the carpet cleaning for a standard 3 bedroom house, you are spending around $180 of your own time and money. Instead, if you hire a professional carpet cleaning service for the job, it would cost you only $90.