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Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning is basically the procedure of going beneath the carpet surface to extract stains, dirt, and odours from the pile. It’s an essential part of any deep cleaning cycle to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the section of the home that contains the most buildup and traps dirt in indoor air. In fact, many people overlook the possibility of poor maintenance and overstaining their carpet until it’s seriously begun to stain or warp. This makes deep carpet cleaning more difficult because it can’t be done with a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaning machine. In addition, certain materials, like polyester and wool, don’t absorb dirt well at all. Instead, they should be washed with a solution made for your specific material.

The first step to deep carpet cleaning process is preparation. This involves cleaning the carpeting with a commercial or residential cleaning product that is safe to use on carpet fibres. This would include spotter and conditioning cleaning product that’s strong enough to clean out deep marks and stains but not so strong as to damage the fibres. Commercial cleaners may also be used to degrease and prepare the carpeting before a professional deep carpet cleaning process.

Next, you need to locate the source of the most stubborn dirt or spills. Whether it’s oil grease or urine, most spots and stains can be removed easily with some spot cleaning solutions. However, depending on the type of stain or spot, some dirt may have become embedded in the fibre, making deep carpet cleaning more difficult. If this is the case, your best bet is to contact a professional. Professional deep carpet cleaners typically contain special chemicals that will break up and lift up embedded dirt.

Once the area has been prepared and the deep carpet cleaning procedure begins, a clean floor surface must be maintained. This can be done with an absorbent broom or a specially designed vacuum. While vacuuming, make sure to pay close attention to areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, since embedded dirt may accumulate there. After all foot traffic has been removed, a pre-sprayer should be applied to the surface to loosen the embedded dirt. A rotary scrub brush should be used to extract stains from the carpet.

Post-cleanings should always be done with a damp cloth rather than water. After cleaning, thoroughly dry the carpeting. Make sure to place mats near entrances to prevent dirt from being carried on foot and by furniture. Some carpet manufacturers advise against letting shoes or other footwear off cleaned areas for several hours to protect them from the dust and dirt.

Commercial cleaners will usually clean all the main areas, but some residential cleaners concentrate on heavily traffic lanes such as hallways or outside foyers. These highly trafficked areas are most likely to need the most concentrated form of detergent.