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Does Your Carpet Cleaner Do T.A.C.T / C.H.A.T ? Hidden Secret

Does Your Carpet Cleaner Do T.A.C.T / C.H.A.T ?

It is possible to do carpet cleaning with an over the counter rental carpet cleaner along with carpet detergent. As a result, do you get your desired clean carpet? Or, does your carpet cleaner maintain T.A.C.T / C.H.A.T. method?

If the answer is a “No”, this article will help you get the best carpet cleaning result if you are hiring a carpet cleaner or performing carpet cleaning yourself as D.I.Y.

Cleaning Pie
Cleaning Pie

At Breeze Cleaning Melbourne, as a professional carpet cleaner, we practice T.A.C.T / C.H.A.T method of cleaning. While the term sounds catchy, all cleaning process actually follow the same cleaning pie but different in percentages of application.

This cleaning pie can be applied starting from simple dishwashing to other complex household cleanings like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or tile and grout cleaning.

The T.A.C.T or C.H.A.T stands for four components of cleaning that ensures better results. Meaning of T.A.C.T or C.H.A.T is:

  1. Chemical
  2. Heat
  3. Agitation
  4. Time

Depending on cleaning techniques, one of the components might not be applicable or there will be a variation on percentages of application.

Before we dive deeper into the topic, a simple example will explain the whole scenario. An oily food bowl cleans better in hot water than clean water. If dishwashing liquid is included, the result will be even better in both cases. The bowl will be even cleaner if there is agitation and enough time is given for the detergent to interact with the oil.

1a Chemical: Dedicated cleaning chemicals or detergents must be used for carpet or upholstery cleaning. It is better to pre-spray the chemicals first if the chemicals do not have rinse-free conditioning agents in the carpet or upholstery chemicals. Else it will leave a sticky residue behind that might attract more dust and dirt.

It is important to know the PH level of your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning chemical. Depending on the fibre type they should be applied else it might damage the fibres.

The PH level varies from 0-14, starting from acidic to alkaline. It is better to use a Neutral PH cleaning chemical if the fibres are not known i.e. PH 7. The PH factors on cleaning vary depending on carpet or upholstery construction, material and fibre. For example, a woollen carpet will be damaged if an extremely high level of alkaline or acid cleaner is used.

If you are doing the carpet cleaning yourself, it is recommended to use a neutral PH carpet cleaning solution. Carpet or upholstery cleaning chemicals help to loosen dirt and many marks from the fibres.

2a Heat: Temperature plays an important role in cleaning. Heat activates the cleaning chemicals more. Each degree of increased heat also increases the cleaning ability of the chemicals.

Hot temperature reduces agitation time and chemical usage in cleaning.

It is always a good idea to use hot water for cleaning in most cases. At Breeze Cleaning Melbourne our tools are equipped to bring the water to almost boiling point i.e. 100 degrees centigrade.

If you are cleaning yourself, please note that any steaming that exceeds 100 degrees centigrade might not extract dirt and soilage out of fibre or certain fabrics might get melted or damaged by heat.

Always look for care/ cleaning label on how much heat you can apply to your upholstery or carpet fibres.

3a Agitation: Agitation helps the cleaning chemicals to be evenly distributed among the carpet or upholstery fibres. We use counter-rotating brushes for carpet pile agitation. Also, for upholstery, we use upholstery brushes.

While agitating, it also gives the chemicals enough time to work on oils, dirt and other spots better.

You might consider compensating with chemical pre-spray time and hot water, if you do not have professional agitators.

4a Time: The last component is time. Enough time is needed for chemicals to work and give optimum results. In some cases, some chemicals are designed to work faster than cut off time. Giving recommended time to chemicals ends in better results.

At Breeze Cleaning Melbourne, when a customer asks for a professional carpet cleaning, we always recommend our premium carpet cleaning. Our premium carpet cleaning involves the provides given process.

So, next time when you are hiring the carpet cleaner or you are doing the carpet cleaning yourself, always follow T.A.C.T. / C.H.A.T. This will give you better results.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne provides professional carpet cleaning services at affordable rates.