How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning

How to prepare for carpet cleaning at home or office

Have you decided to book a steam or dry carpet cleaning service for your home or office? Preparing the area with these simple steps before the carpet cleaner is due to visit will help get better results on on the day. It will make sure the technician can work efficiently, safely, and on budget.

  1. Remove all breakable items such as lamps, decorative pieces, vases etc.  Clear the surface to be cleaned of all small furniture items, electrical and electronic gadgets etc.  If asked, some cleaners are glad to move lightweight furniture i.e. dining chairs, small ottomans, coffee tables at no extra cost. If it is not possible to remove certain objects, please  inform the technician and they can work carefully around that.
  2. Make sure technicians have easy access to the work area, and are able to bring in the work equipment safely.
  3. For safety reasons, carpet cleaners request customers not to plan on using the area being cleaned. Sometimes pre-treatment sprays for carpet can make adjoining hard floor or tiles slippery, and may result in slips and falls. To prevent slip and fall accidents and ensure no one trips over the vacuum and solution hose while cleaners are at work, it is best to restrict access to the area.
  4. Access to electricity and water is required for the job unless the technician brings a truck-mounted machine with a generator. Access to hot water saves time. Hot water extraction also provides a more effective clean.
  5. A parking space for the cleaners’ vehicle needs to be available as close as possible to the work space. In some areas of the CBD and surrounding suburbs there are tough parking restrictions. In that scenario, please provide the technician with information on the best possible place to park.
  6. A good vacuuming of your carpet prior to steam cleaning is always recommended. Ask if your carpet cleaner’s steam cleaning package includes pre-vacuuming.
  7. If you have pets, please secure them in a safe area so that they do not have access to the work area. Keep them away until your carpet is fully dry.
  8. Make notes of the problem areas prior to the technicians visit. You can tell the technician about the stains, marks etc. You can also advise the  technician during a pre-inspection walk through the area.
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