Professional 7 Step Carpet Cleaning For Best Results

Professional 7 step carpet steam cleaning to achieve best results

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne explains professional 7 step carpet steam cleaning that helps to achieve best results of carpet cleaning. Our premium carpet cleaning involves all these 7 steps that takes out dirt and debris, cleans all removable marks and spots and reduces germs and allergens.

  1. Pre-inspection: Breeze Cleaning Melbourne’s carpet cleaning technicians take notes of customers concern regarding carpet cleaning. Along with that the carpet cleaner assess the carpet fibres and soilage for suitable method for best carpet cleaning.
  2. Vacuuming: The carpet cleaning technician vacuums the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet itself takes out more than sixty percent of the dry soil and loose dirts from the carpet.
  3. Pre-spray and spotting: Pre-spray and spotting the carpet stains with specific carpet spotters are essential for achieving good carpet cleaning. We pre-spray the high traffic areas and pre-spot the carpet stains before final carpet steam cleaning (hot water extraction).
  4. Apply counter rotating brush: Depending on carpet condition, we apply counter rotating brush to your carpet. This method agitate the pre-spray thoroughly in your carpet fibres and works more to loosen dirts from carpet fibres. It also takes out the other loose fibres and hair out of carpet that is tangled into the carpet fibres.
  5. Carpet steam cleaning: Finally our carpet cleaners start hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning). Hot water rinsing extracts all removable dirts and debris out of the carpet. Our carpet cleaning solution does not leave any sticky residue in your carpet.
  6. Post spotting: Depending on some carpet types, it needs post spotting of certain marks and stains. We perform post spotting for those carpets. If needed, we perform second spot steam cleaning in those areas.
  7. Grooming: The final step of premium carpet cleaning is grooming the carpets. The carpet grooming tool sets the carpet piles on one direction and also helps to dry the fibres fast.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers best carpet cleaning in Melbourne Metro areas.