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Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Tips for Office Carpet Cleaning


“Commercial places trap more soilage, dirt and germs in carpets for their frequent use. Not maintaining them properly reduces indoor air quality and hygiene. Some basic practices on commercial carpet cleaning can improve office cleanliness, reduce carpet restoration cost and get the most out of carpeting life.”



Tip #1: Vacuum regularly


A regular vacuum can take out more than sixty percent of dust, dry soil and dirt from carpets. The dust particles on carpets create micro scratches on carpet fibres when friction is caused by foot traffic. Over time, carpet wears are visible if they are not vacuumed at a regular basis. Vacuuming not only improver office indoor quality, but also reduces carpets pre mature damage. A regular recommended vacuum plan for carpets help to keep its new looking appearance as well increase longevity.


tips for commercial carpet cleaning

Tip #2: Clean it before it’s too late

Clean office carpets on scheduled maintenance time leaving the confusion of “carpets are half dirty and it can wait for some time to be cleaned” behind. Commercial carpets should be cleaned thoroughly twice a year along with interim small cleaning maintenances. Scraper mats at the entrances of office prevents a lot of dirt from outside. Take care of spots and stains immediately as interim cleaning maintenance. It is much easier to treat new spots and stains than old stains that turns permanent.  On time carpet cleaning saves costly cleaning expenditures in the long run.

Tip #3: Choose right carpet cleaning chemicals

It is very important to choose right carpet cleaning chemicals for your office carpets. Always refer to your carpet manufacturers manual for which chemicals are safe to use. If carpet cleaning is not done properly, sticky residues might be left behind resulting to attracting more dirt. If possible, carpet stains spotting should be done immediately. In a short period of time, those carpets look even more dirty. Consult with a professional carpet cleaner on using right products.

Tip #4: Choose right carpet cleaning method

Choosing right method of carpet cleaning can enhance the life and look of your carpets. There is hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning), carpet dry cleaning, carpet encapsulation cleaning and many other carpet low moisture cleaning methods are available to choose from. In general, carpet steam cleaning is performed for a thorough deep cleaning and low moisture cleaning are performed for interim maintenance cleaning.  Some carpet cleaning methods might void your carpets warranty without knowing. Refer to a carpet manufacturers manual or ask a professional about preferred carpet cleaning choice before commencing.

Tip #5: Build a carpet care plan

Develop a proper carpet care plan with detailed routine for your office carpets. It is always a good idea to call a carpet cleaning professional when it is time for a cleaning. Learning how to clean carpets or a D.I.Y. carpet cleaning project is not recommended at all to apply at your office carpets.

Tip #6: Call a professional carpet cleaner

A professional carpet cleaner can help you develop carpet care plan, identify right methods and chemicals based on your office carpet. A professionally deep cleaned carpet ensures the best appearance and extends the life of a carpet. Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers commercial carpet cleaning services for offices, restaurants, motels and more.