Top 5 Reasons for Carpet Cleaning

Every carpet cleaner knows that the top 5 reasons for carpet cleaning are not difficult to list. Dry cleaning, hot water extraction, steam cleaning and shampooing all make the top five reasons for carpet cleaning. Each one of these different methods offers a different way to clean your carpets and it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you. Dry cleaning is your very common form of carpet cleaning when you want carpets to be ready to use at a shorter time. The problem with carpet steam cleaning is that it can take a bit of time to dry out your carpet.

Carpet Steam and Dry Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning is by far the most popular method of cleaning carpets and it can be a great option for those who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on carpet care. Steam cleaning involves spraying a carpet cleaner down the entire length of the carpet. It can take anywhere from one to three hours or more to dry your carpet completely. In addition to drying your carpet, steam cleaning can sanitize it and remove germs and allergens.

Hot water extraction is also known as steam cleaning that uses a higher temperature of the water. Most of the time, a truck equipped with a hot water extraction unit will arrive at your home to do the job. Modern hot water extraction portable machines sometimes outperform the old truck mount systems. If you want to hire a professional carpet cleaner, you should know that most commercial carpet steam cleaning machines use a combination of hot water and high pressure. This is a much more powerful cleaning method that can remove stains from any type of carpet or rug.

Shampooing is the third most popular method of carpet cleaning and it is the simplest to do at home. However, it does not remove as much dirt as some of the other methods and is not very effective on shiny or white carpets. There are a number of brands of carpet shampoo available at many home improvement stores.

Dry powder compound carpet cleaning is probably the most cost-effective of all the carpet cleaning methods and is usually done by a professional. It involves spreading dry powder compound over the carpet, agitate and then vacuuming the compound up. The compound bonds dirt and debris with it and takes them out along with it when the compound is vacuumed. It helps remove dirt and grime that have settled deep into the carpet fibres.

Steam cleaning is probably the best carpet cleaning method available. It is also the most efficient, as well as the most effective method of cleaning your carpet or rugs. Some homeowners may choose to use hot water extraction if they have an exceptionally dirty carpet or rug. Many people also prefer this method over shampooing their carpets. For those homeowners that would prefer to shampoo their carpets, there are commercial shampoos available that contain diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring product that makes up about one percent of the earth’s surface area.