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Why Does My Carpet Smell Like It Sucks

If you have carpets in your house and are looking for a way to get rid of the foul smell that comes with it, you can look to do it yourself carpet cleaning. Carpets are very difficult to clean effectively on your own, without the help of professional carpet cleaners or services. If done right, they can last for many months without needing to be cleaned at all. With this being said, here are some tips that will help you learn why does my carpet smell so badly.

Urine spread out from where the urine was built and after it is cleaned with water, bacteria and the odour producing irritants reactivate. This is how you get an awful smell from your carpet instantly after cleaning it. Even if the carpet cleaner used a strong detergent and a powerful vacuum, the smell still persists, even though all the moisture has been removed. A professional carpet cleaning might remove the moisture, but the residual bad smell is there and will not go away unless the carpet is thoroughly dried. On top of that, urine treatment needs to be applied in order to remove bad smell from topical areas of the carpet.

Some other reasons why my carpet might smell awful include the type of carpet you have, the quality of the underlay and some types of flooring. A carpet might smell awful because it contains certain chemicals like polyurethane or quilting materials which attract lots of dust and pollen. It is a good idea to check if your carpet has been spot cleaned as you could have introduced some of the bad smells in the carpet fibres during the spot clean. Some carpet fibres do not absorb much dust and only absorb a little pollen and dust mites. If you want to maintain the freshness of the carpet, you need to regularly vacuum, shampoo and wash the carpet.

Some people are allergic to certain materials like wool and latex. If your carpet smells bad because it has either been soaked in water or it has probably been contaminated by some form of mould, mildew. All the moisture in the air causes mould and mildew to grow if it has been sitting on the carpet. If the carpet has a wet sub-base and the mould will penetrate the underlay and slowly start to grow underneath.

When the carpet has been badly damaged by water or by mould, it will generally have a very bad smell. One way to solve this problem is to make sure that your carpet or rug is dried properly before using it. The first thing to look at is whether it has been cleaned at all – a cleaning job will remove much of the smell. Then we have to deal with the underneath of the damaged area. You need a professional cleaner to do this type of odour removal.

Another cause of why does my carpet smell is because the areas where you find the stains have not been properly treated. So if you do have stains on the rug, the first step is to get them treated. A deep cleaning service should tackle any deeper stains, but if they are just a small spot, you could try a spot treatment product.