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Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers steam cleaning and dry cleaning of carpets in Melbourne. We offer carpet cleaning services for home and commercial places at an affordable price.

Breeze’s expert carpet cleaners in Melbourne provide an exceptional experience for all the steam cleaning requirements in local Melbourne city region and surrounding suburbs.

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Professional carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Our affordable hot water extraction method deep clean your carpets removing dirt and grime achieving best results. A proper carpet steam cleaning improves it’s appearance and extends life.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

We provide carpet dry cleaning services in Melbourne. Our professional carpet dry cleaners use encapsulation method of dry cleaning of carpets. Carpet dry cleaning is a fast, quick and easy carpet cleaning process where carpets need to be ready for use within few hours.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet dry

Our company offers professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. Freshen up your upholstery from dust, dirt and stains with our upholstery steam cleaning service.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers on-site rug steam cleaning services in Melbourne. Our expert technicians rejuvenates your area rugs removing dirt and grime.

At Breeze Cleaning Melbourne, we offer on-site curtain cleaning services eliminating the hassle of removing and re-installing them.

Why choose Breeze Cleaning Melbourne?

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne is an Australian registered business providing high-quality steam cleaning services in Melbourne. We are a one stop solution for steam cleaning services in Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. Our services are offered to both residential and commercial premises.

The company operates on weekdays and weekends. We also provide after-hours cleaning services upon request. We offer same day carpet cleaning and emergency carpet cleaning upon the availability of our technicians.

Breeze’s steam cleaning technicians are certified cleaning technicians. As a result, we promise a guaranteed outcome from our services. We also offer tailored and affordable steam cleaning services that save cost of cleaning. The cleaning equipment that we use are professional grade equipment. We also have nontoxic, biodegradable, and green options for our steam cleaning services.

We are a one stop service for professional carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning services are carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet stain removing, carpet shampooing service, carpet sanitising, carpet deodorising, pet hair removal, pet stain and odour removal, vomit and blood stain removal from carpet, carpet mould removal, carpet restoration, carpet protection, carpet renovator service and more.

The steam cleaning services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, and more. Nontoxic, biodegradable, and green cleaning options are available for steam cleaning services. Same day service and emergency carpet cleaning services are also offered upon the availability of the technician.

Customer Reviews

"Breeze Cleaning Melbourne did a great job cleaning my upholstery. He arrived punctually, and was very friendly and professional, as well as doing an extremely thorough job. I would definitely use Breeze again and recommend to others."
J. B.
"Breeze Cleaning Melbourne did an amazing, through job steam cleaning our curtains and carpets. He provided some excellent cost-saving advice and tips and his rate is very reasonable. He is very polite, honest and takes great care and pride in his work. Thanks again Breeze Cleaning!"
J. C.
"Breeze Cleaning Melbourne really knows their stuff. The carpets are now immaculate and the price more than reasonable. Very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be recommending him to others and using his services again myself. Thank you for a wonderful job."
L. H.


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Steam cleaning is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Carpets act like a filter, trapping dirt and other impurities. Steam cleaning extracts dirt and removable stains from carpets creating a fresh look and hygienic environment.

Cheap advertised rates have many hidden costs that will inevitably push up what you finally pay. A true professional will always provide a reasonable quote based on your carpet’s condition. No hidden charges, no surprise cost blow-outs.

Carpet Cleaning Knowledge Base

There are several methods of carpet cleaning. Depending on the carpet cleaning company and the carpet cleaner, they will choose a carpet cleaning method for the specific type of carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning: Hot water extraction cleaning is commonly known as carpet steam cleaning. High-pressure hot water is used along with cleaning solvents to agitate carpet fibre for a short time and extract dirt and grime in the carpet by wet vacuuming. This method results best for heavy soiled carpets and yearly maintenance as it performs a deeper cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet steam cleaning method.

Carpet Dry Cleaning: Dry carpet cleaning is also known as compound cleaning. Some leading carpet manufacturers recommend this method. Different types of compounds and powders are used for cleaning. This method is quite effective in cleaning, and certain techniques can perform deep cleaning.

Other Carpet Cleaning Methods: Apart from carpet steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, encapsulation, and bonnet cleaning are also popular.

In short, the answer is “Yes”. Carpets should be vacuumed properly before dry/ steam cleaning carpets. A vacuum cleaner with powerhead or brush agitator helps loosen dirt from the carpet fibres. Vacuuming also removes dry soil, dirt and debris out of carpet surface. This improves the end results of professional steam cleaning. As a preparation for a professional carpet cleaning, one can pre-vacuum the carpets or inform the carpet cleaner to include carpet vacuuming before carpet dry/ steam cleaning.

Carpets by nature traps and hides hair, dust, dirt, grime, allergens and more. It is recommended to dry vacuum carpets regularly to maintain its appearance, improve indoor air quality and hygiene.

Some key points might help to decide on when to steam clean carpets:

  • Whether the carpets are receiving heavy traffic
  • Frequency of pet/ other accidents
  • Indoor / Outdoor air bringing dust and grime
  • Number of family members / Number of office visitors and workers
  • The bad odour created from smoke, spice or other accidents
  • Allergy or asthma conditions

Domestic frequent used carpet is suggested at least once a year. Less frequently used carpet can wait up to eighteen months or earlier for carpet cleaning. The frequency of carpet cleaning also depends on the number of family members or how they are used.

Persons having an allergy or respiratory problems may clean their carpets sooner. The same applies to persons having indoor pets that shed a lot of hair.

Schools, offices, and commercial premises should clean carpets between one to six months. The cleaning frequency depends on the soilage amount, how they are used, and the placement of the carpets.

Carpets cleaned within the recommended cleaning time gives:

  • Health benefits
  • Provides a fresh and clean look
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase lifetime of carpets
  • Eliminates/reduce allergens, dust, dust mite, etc.

Not all carpet stains can be removed. Stains containing permanent dyes, or acidic and caustic reaction with carpet fibre can change its character permanently. Trying strong stain cleaners on the carpet might damage that stained carpet area more. Sometimes stains and spots that are very old cannot be removed completely.

Carpet steam cleaning in the suggested period maintains its appearance and makes a clean environment in the home or workplace. Besides, steam cleaning deep cleans carpet extracting heavy soils and dirt out. Additionally, it reduces allergies eliminating allergens. Steam cleaning carpeted area results in an odour free, sanitised, fresh looking carpet.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers professional carpet steam cleaning Melbourne. Carpets act as a filter that collects dust, dirt, grime, and allergens, etc. General vacuuming alone cannot remove that. As a result, you start to breathe in that build up that is not hygienic.

If searching carpet steam cleaning near me, our expert carpet cleaner professionally steam clean the carpets to it’s highest standards. We remove stains and ground-in dirt, be it heavy usage or water damage. Also, carpet steam cleaning removes bad odour leaving carpets looking fresh and clean. Check out our carpet steam cleaning prices.

The commercial carpet steam cleaning equipment deep cleans the carpet. Deep cleaning method also removes allergy causing contaminations and dust mite without damaging the carpet. The outcome is dirt free clean and hygienic carpet. We use tailored carpet cleaning treatments based on the type of carpet.

Additional carpet cleaning services include carpet deodorising, carpet sanitising, and carpet stains removal. Deluxe steam carpet cleaning is for heavily soiled carpets. Range of carpet cleaning services and work quality makes us the best carpet cleaning company in Melbourne.

The best practices for carpet steam cleaning is dry vacuuming, do a fibre test to choose a cleaning method, stains treatment, and do a final steam cleaning. One can save the cost of carpet cleaning by pre-vacuuming the carpet before steam cleaning. To keep carpets last longer and appear better, vacuuming carpets at a regular basis is recommended.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers professional carpet dry cleaning service in Melbourne. You can choose this method of carpet cleaning if you are in need of your carpets to dry faster. Since carpet dry cleaning uses a low moisture carpet cleaning method, it does not require plenty of water resulting in carpet drying in less than an hour and ready to use when cleaning is done.

One can take carpet dry cleaning service for commercial or residential carpeted areas when carpet needs to dry faster. Carpet dry cleaning can be performed in winter too for maintenance carpet cleaning which is ready to use right after cleaning. 

Our carpet dry cleaning uses both, encapsulation carpet dry cleaning or compound based carpet dry cleaning method for low moisture carpet cleaning. We use counter rotating brush machines for carpet dry cleaning service in Melbourne that gives deeper carpet agitation and cleaning.

The dry carpet cleaning process does not work well on dirty carpets that need carpet restoration service, carpets that contain a lot of stains, grease and dirt.

Dry carpet cleaning process:

  •  Vacuuming with brush head
  • Pre-spray bio-degradable carpet encapsulation cleaner, or
  • Use dry cleaning compound
  • Use counter rotating brush machine to agitate carpet for deeper clean
  • Post cleaning carpet vacuuming or renovator service

End of lease cleaning can be stressful, especially when one is in rush packing and organising other logistics for a move out of the rental property. Breeze Cleaning Melbourne’s carpet cleaners can take care of the hassle to find a good carpet cleaner for house vacate cleaning for carpets. Our end of tenancy carpet cleaners knows what property agents or owners check for properly cleaned carpet and work accordingly.

The end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne comes with a 100% guarantee for bond cleaning Melbourne based on carpet conditions. Our steam carpet cleaners are equipped with right carpet cleaning equipment and solutions to achieve excellent results. We also provide same day carpet steam cleaning service upon availability. Every end of lease carpet cleaning comes with carpet inspection and condition report along with the invoice.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne provides commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne for offices and commercial properties. The commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne service is affordable price since we offer tailored commercial cleaning service based on client’s requirements.

Carpets of commercial properties and offices trap more dirt and grime than home carpets. They get dirty from frequent use by customers bringing dirt from outdoors. Missing a routine carpet cleaning in commercial places can lead to an unhygienic environment at the workplace. Our trained commercial carpet cleaners in Melbourne are equipped with commercial carpet cleaning machines that give excellent results. A clean carpet restores the appearance of commercial properties and improves the work environment. Check this link if you are after home carpet cleaning.

As part of our office carpet cleaning we also provide carpet stains cleaning of coffee and drink spills, chewing gum removal and grime cleaning. Office chair cleaning and sofa cleaning are included in our commercial steam cleaning service. We also provide commercial steam cleaning service to hotels/ motels carpets, mattress, armchairs, and curtains to remove dust, grime, and bad odour. Call us to get a free quote or book an appointment for a commercial cleaning service.

We provide cleaning services to:

  • Small shops and small stores
  • School, college and day-care carpet and upholstery steam cleaning 
  • Office carpet, upholstery and curtains steam cleaning
  • Hotel and motel carpet, upholstery, curtains, rug, mattresses steam cleaning
  • End of lease carpet cleaning service for commercial property

As a part of our carpet steam cleaning Melbourne, we offer carpet stain removal service. Spots and stains on the carpet can derive from different sources, and their removal treatments are different too. Our carpet cleaner can help you remove spots and stains from carpet. The cleaning technician can assess the stained area and can advise about the results that can be achieved.

With our carpet stains cleaning service, we remove all the temporary marks and stains out from the carpet. Our carpet cleaner have the right tools and carpet stain remover to clean out the marks and spots. We offer red wine stain and tea or coffee stain removal service from the carpet.

In addition, we also offer food protein stains cleaning that leaves grey marks on the carpet. Our carpet stain cleaners remove oil and grease marks, blood stains, pet accident stains, juice or drink spills, and more.