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Carpet Dry Cleaning

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Carpet Dry Cleaning in Melbourne

If you have carpets in your home or office then you may be considering some form of carpet dry cleaning. The main benefit of carpet dry cleaning is that the carpets are ready for use within a short time as it dries faster. Think of carpet dry cleaning when you need light carpet clean up or just maintenance cleaning, to make sure your office or house carpets always look at their very best.

Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers professional carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne. Since carpet dry cleaning uses very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning method, in some cases your office or home carpets are ready for use right after cleaning.

The Methods of Dry Cleaning We Use

We do two types of carpet dry cleaning, one is encapsulation carpet dry cleaning and the other is dry powder compound for dry cleaning.

For encapsulation dry cleaning, there are polymers that capture oily soil and dirt from the carpet fibres. When the polymer dries, it gets fragile and breaks down from the carpet fibres. They are easily vacuumed from the carpet at a later stage. Encapsulation dry-cleaning also increases soil resistance.

Dry compound carpet cleaning is extremely low moisture carpet cleaning. The powder is spread over the carpet and agitated by a rotary brush. Power transfers the oily soil, dirt and removable stains from the carpet fibres to itself. After that, the powder is collected through vacuuming.

Dry Cleaning Process

  •  Vacuuming with brush head
  • Pre-spray bio-degradable carpet encapsulation cleaner, or
  • Use dry cleaning compound
  • Use counter rotating brush machine to agitate carpet for deeper clean
  • Post cleaning carpet vacuuming or renovator service
Professional Dry Cleaning