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Mattress Cleaning

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Mattress Steam Cleaning

Breeze’s mattress cleaning Melbourne team remove dust mites, allergens, spills and stains through steam cleaning your mattress leaving a sanitised odour free fresh looking mattress. We use non-toxic solutions in steam cleaning to carry out mattress, carpets, upholstery and curtains cleaning in the local Melbourne area. Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers professional mattress steam cleaning services at competitive prices. Our Melbourne mattress cleaning service steam cleans your mattress removing dead skins, dust mites, allergens and stains leaving odour free sanitised mattress.

Over time, dead skin and allergens deposits on the fabric along with sweat can create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungi etc. on your mattress. A proper steam cleaning can get rid of all those nasties. Our professional mattress cleaning experts use non-toxic mattress stains remover to clean urine, blood and other stains from your mattress. Free deodorising and sanitising with mattress cleaning always ensure the mattress is odour free and sanitised after the clean. 

A clean and hygienic mattress is the first step to a good night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from asthma and allergies. Steam cleaning your mattress extracts and cleans the allergens deposited on the fabric of your mattress.​

Mattress urine stains and odour removal

Our mattress cleaning technicians also offer urine stains and odour removal service for your mattress. The mattress steam cleaning solutions that we use leaves your mattress odour free after the steam cleaning. We also use enzyme-based deodoriser that works longer hours to cancel bad smells from your mattress. Please be noted that some permanent stains like specific permanent inks, urine stains or body perspiration oil marks that have been on the mattress for a long time might not be removed fully.

Steam Clean Mattress

We use steam cleaning (hot water extraction) method to deep clean your mattress removing dust, dust mites, dead skins and allergens.

Benefits of mattress steam cleaning:

  • Restore the freshness and appearance of your mattress 

  • Increase the life of the fabric

  • Cleans dirt and gets rid of allergens

  • Get’s rid of dust mites and flea

  • Removes bad odour

  • Sanitised mattress

What makes Breeze Cleaning the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne?

Our steam carpet cleaning Melbourne technicians will professionally steam clean your carpets to the highest standards, easily removing toughest stains and ground-in dirt, be it carpet water damage or heavy usage. Carpets act as a filter in your home collecting dirt, dust, dust mites and bacteria that cannot be completely removed by general vacuuming and you start to breathe in that buildup.

Our commercial grade carpet cleaning equipment deep cleans your carpet to get rid of all those dirt leaving your carpets not only smelling fresh but also healthy and hygienic. Our carpet cleaning Melbourne techniques use deep carpet cleaning method removing allergy causing contaminations and dust mite without damaging your carpet. We use tailored treatments that are best for your type of carpet. Our additional carpet cleaning services include deodorising, sanitising, stain removal and Deluxe Steam Carpet Cleaning for your heavily soiled carpets make us best carpet cleaning company in Melbourne.

Why choose Breeze Cleaning for the upholstery cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning can be a challenge for an unprofessional cleaner, sometimes leaving your furniture damaged causing more stains. Home remedies such as vigorous cleaning or using all-purpose over-the-counter cleaners may harm the furniture along with the upholstery fabric. We as professionals use special fabric upholstery products making sure the job is done properly as we are familiar with the do’s and don’ts. We always use non-toxic biodegradable compounds for steam cleaning couches/couch upholstery.