The Difference Between Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

If you need to purchase carpet cleaners for your home or office then you need to make sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to Steam Cleaners or Dry Cleaners. In fact, you will find that there are many advantages of using steam cleaners for your carpet rather than dry cleaning techniques. So, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both these carpet cleaning techniques so that you can make the decision for yourself.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of steam cleaning vs dry cleaning with regards to the elimination of allergens in the home or office. As we all know, mould is one of the most common allergies found among people today. With this in mind, professional carpet cleaning with the steam method is something that everyone should consider whenever they have a family member or person around who is allergic to mould.

When we talk about the drying time of the carpet cleaning method, you might have noticed that the steam cleaning method tends to take quite some time before the carpet totally dried up. However, the dry cleaning method actually takes a much shorter time to dry up as the amount of water is reduced while cleaning. Also, this reduced moisture content helps in keeping the room or the office carpet free from mould and other allergens. So, this reduced time frame results in the carpet being cleaner, healthier and more hygienic throughout the duration of the cleaning process.

Another big advantage of using the hot water extraction method is that this method is considered more effective. With the heated water extraction method, you will find that this technique removes the deep-seated dirt and stains in the carpet much faster than any other technique. Also, this technique ensures complete disinfection of the carpet and rids it of allergens. While there are many cleaners that use chlorine, detergents or bleach when cleaning the carpet, these products can be highly toxic to your health as they cause damage to the human body. That is another reason to hire a professional carpet cleaner who has the knowledge of using safe chemicals for health. On the other hand, cleaning solutions that make use of hot water do not contain any chemicals that can harm you.

The steam cleaner also has a better variety of carpet cleaning options to choose from. There are carpet cleaning machines that feature a hot water extraction system along with other features like wet cleaning, pre-spray and bonnet cleaning systems. All of these options ensure easy cleaning of the carpet and they help remove unwanted dirt and stain without damaging the carpet fibres.

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